Aduro 7+1 LED Mask

Aduro 7+1






The ultimate experience

The most complete skin care system on the market

Eleven different beauty treatments in one mask


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Aduro Single Red Led mask

Aduro Single Red




Experience a breakthrough in skincare 

Combat signs of ageing with the Aduro anti ageing mask

For more supple and radiant looking skin


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Aduro Single Blue LED Mask

Aduro Single Blue




Say goodbye to acne with the Aduro anti-acne mask

For a clearer skin and a more confident look


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Aduro Facial Tronic 7+1


LED light therapy 1 LED light therapy 0.5



The most powerful LED mask available on the market

Offer a wide range of treatments to your clients

For professional use 


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About Aduro


Unique Product


The Aduro LED mask is one of a kind with patented light therapy technology and design


High Quality


Aduro strives for quality and perfection. All products meet high quality standards and are tested in our factory


Great Service


We deliver fast and all over the world. All our products have a one year warranty




Our packaging material is made of recycled carton and all our factory processes are eco-optimized


The Aduro LED Mask


Aduro’s LED mask is a re-invention of the traditional facial mask, brought up-to-date through the use of modern day LED light technology. Our patented design follows the contours of the face, and covers the entire facial area in therapeutic light – offering a full facial rejuvenating experience, for range of skin imperfections and signs of aging.


Rejuvenate at the speed of light


Aduro is unique with its ability to harness a wide range of therapeutic treatments. This helps to enhance the body’s own natural healing processes.


What can Aduro treat?


Aduro offers a wide range of treatments. Each Aduro LED mask is designed to combat specific skin problems and imperfections. From reducing acne breakouts to anti-ageing.


Ultimate Comfort


The Aduro LED mask is a real game changer. It combines the comfort of a facial mask with the benefits of LED light therapy. All while taking just a fraction of the effort compared to a traditional hand-held device.


Our Most Popular Items

Aduro Single Red

 Aduro Single Red

The ultimate anti-aging LED mask


$249 USD

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Aduro 7+1

Aduro 7+1

Most complete skin care system on the market


$349 USD

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Aduro Single Blue

Aduro Single Blue 

The best solution to combat acne


$249 USD

Free WorldWide Shipping



Customer Testimonials




After years of painful treatments including lasers, chemicals and medicines I almost stopped searching for something to cure my acne. At some point a friend of mine recommended the Aduro LED mask. I was very skeptical, due to the fact that I didn’t want to get disappointed again. Though, I wanted to find a cure so bad, so I went with it. It is absolutely worth every penny! I started seeing result after about two weeks and now, after three months I don’t have to use it every day, but twice a week, to keep up the results. I LOVE ADURO. Anne B.


Couldn’t be happier

Aduro 7+1 gave my son his life back. He started having severe acne and continuous breakouts just when starting high school. This was terrible for him. Now, after a couple of weeks, he is back to himself again. I couldn’t be happier. After seeing how well it works, I started using the same mask myself, but with the red color to reduce wrinkles. I just can’t recommend it enough! Sandra V.


A very satisfied user

After years of skin problems, I finally found a mask that covers it all! It may be a bit expensive, but the quality is very good. I’ve used the LED mask for 1 month now and I’m really satisfied. It’s easy to use and gives fast results. I Definitely recommend this to anyone. Anton R.


Significant difference

I bought the Aduro single red to improve my aging skin. In first instance I just saw a small difference. This was after a few weeks though. Now, after two months, I can see that my crowsfeet got much better and the wrinkles on my cheeks and forehead improved too. I use the mask in almost every day in combination with a cream that has green tea extract.  I’m really happy that I bought this mask! Sarah O.

About Us


Aduro is established in 2006 and is specialised in the production of LED light therapy equipment and has a medical license. Through our years of experience we can consider ourselves as one of the largest producers of LED light therapy equipment with clients all over the world.


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