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Why Dermatologists Recommend Light Therapy Masks for Healthy Skin Care Routines

Why Dermatologists Recommend Light Therapy Masks for Healthy Skin Care Routines

LED masks are promoted by dermatologists and beauticians for their beneficial role in healthy skin care routines. Diverse wavelengths of light have different effects on the skin. Light therapy masks give off varying wavelengths of light that can have a positive impact on the skin. Blue and red are the most commonly used colors of light, but some masks also use green and yellow light, depending on the desired outcome. Dermatologists recommend light therapy masks because of their wide-ranging benefits, which can include the following:

Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Red light can promote the production of collagen, helping to fill out the face a little and reduce the appearance of fine lines. A lack of collagen can also reduce the skin’s elasticity, which can lead to the formation of wrinkles, so having more collagen can also prevent new lines from appearing. Red light can also stimulate blood flow, further enhancing facial skin health and appearance.

Prevent and Reduce Acne

Blue light can penetrate pores and hair follicles and kill the bacteria responsible for causing acne. This can prevent breakouts by killing bacteria before they have chance to feed on oil and cause blemishes and inflammation.

Both red and blue light can play a role in reducing acne flare ups. LED masks can help to minimize the appearance of blemishes for clearer healthier-looking skin. Red light can also reduce inflammation.

Minimize Sunspots and Facial Discoloration

Different light spectrums can reduce the appearance of pigmentation on the face, including small patches caused by aging or frequent overexposure to the sun.

Green light, in particular, can help to calm the skin and reduce hyperpigmentation to balance out uneven tones. Green wavelengths can also help to reduce under-eye discoloration by reducing the appearance of dark circles.  

Reduce Redness

Estheticians may recommend using red or yellow wavelengths on a light therapy mark to reduce redness in the face. While red light can boost the circulation for a temporary reduction in redness, yellow light can be a more permanent solution for those whose redness is caused by rosacea.

Yellow light is gentle on the skin, and so is usually suitable for even sensitive skin, and it can combat rosacea by decreasing the size of facial capillaries. This results in a lower amount of blood near the skin’s surface and therefore also a reduced amount of redness.

Remove Toxins

Yellow light can boost drainage of the facial lymphatic system and help to remove buildups of toxins. Some beauticians believe that lymphatic drainage can improve the overall appearance and make a person look more youthful.    

Encourage Healing

Dermatologists may use white light to deeply penetrate the layers of the skin to encourage wounds to heal better and faster. This wavelength of light may also help to reduce the appearance of scars.  

Essentially, a light therapy mask can be useful as part of a healthy skin care regimen. Masks are safe and light therapy isn’t invasive. Are you keen to source effective customized LED masks from an established company? Contact LED Mask to discuss your requirements.  

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