About Aduro



Aduro is established in 2006 and is specialized in the production of LED beauty related products with a medical license. Through our years of experience we can consider ourselves one of the biggest producers of LED beauty equipment with clients all over the world.

Aduro facial mask uses patented technology that contours and covers the entire facial area in rejuvenating light. This offers you a full facial experience for a wide range of skin imperfections and signs of ageing.

Aduro offers a broad range of products.  All masks are proven clinically and offer many therapeutic treatments that are safe, non-invasive and chemical free.

Aduro boosts cosmetics in efficiency through light energy and increased heat temperature – for a facial treatment like never before. Aduro provides a new way of using your all day cosmetics by combining them with the facial mask.

How does Aduro work?

LED light produces remarkable responses within the body. Aduro light therapy masks  are unique with their ability to harness a wide range of therapeutic light which helps the body’s own natural healing. Because the skin has a wonderful ability to absorb light energy, the skin utilizes light energy to kick-start the cells into producing more cellular fuel (ATP) that boosts their performance. The ATP increases the DNA and RNA activity, which causes a release of the Nitric Oxide (NO) within the body. Several studies have shown that NO has a positive effect on healing, inflammation and regeneration of the skin. Due to the exposure to LED light therapy, the cells use their new energy to prompt skin fibroblasts to produce increased collagen, elastin proteins and stimulate the body’s rejuvenating processes.

How to use Aduro

Unpack your Aduro Mask and attach the straps through the holes on both sides of the mask.
Clean your face, put the mask on and connect the straps at the back of your head.
Put the adaptor in the power socket to start the treatment or use the program controller (Aduro 7+1).

Effects and Benefits

  • Smoothens the skin and reduces wrinkles
  • Helps to even skin coloration and complexion
  • Increases the body’s natural rejuvenating processes
  • Increases the production of collagen and elastin fibres
  • Helps speed up recovery from acne and prevent breakouts
  • Sooths the skin
  • Firms aged and tired skin
  • Increases moisture retention
  • No negative side effects or harm
  • Safe, non-invasive and chemical free


 Corporate Social Responsibility

We care about the world and try to contribute as much as we can to make it a better place for everyone
In our factory we try to produce everything as ecologic as possible
We use sun energy for 20% of our production
We use LEDs to light up the factory
We recycle 80% of all left over materials
Nothing is or will be tested on animals